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Introducing A2 Hosting’s First Chief Technology Officer: Steven Crothers

At A2 Hosting, we strive to stay ahead of the hosting curve by offering you the latest and best in hosting technology. This is evident in our offering of the latest versions of PHP to being one of the first providers to provide SSD Hosting to our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers. The technology we offer is (and will continue to be) a product of a number of our expert team members.

With that being said, we are happy to introduce the very first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in A2 Hosting’s history, Steven Crothers.

Steven comes to us with over a decade’s worth of hosting industry experience. He will be dedicated to ensuring A2 Hosting continues to offer you the best and most innovative hosting solutions.

Keep reading to learn more about our new CTO!

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I started early on in my career working for the largest game server provider in the industry, GameServers.com. From there I decided to start my own company in California and failed terribly at a very young age. From that failure though I gained useful experience and took that with me from job to job as I progressed through my career. Ultimately working at places like Hostgator, government contractor work and Amazon Web Services. I eventually landed at Namecheap right before A2 Hosting, where I completely reengineered the entire corporate infrastructure and delivered the highest level of corporate infrastructure. With that reengineering effort I also trained and developed members of my team across 3 continents.

What kind of improvements are you hoping to make at A2?

First and foremost, I want to develop a documentation structure to present more information to our support team. I believe knowledge transfer and internal development is key to any organization’s long term success. My goal is to ensure that we can provide that level of training internally in a fun and structured way, as well keeping things moving smoothly.

What are you most excited about in regards to A2’s future?

I truly believe A2 Hosting is positioned well for the future of web hosting. We’re quick and nimble and able to adjust to changes in the market faster than some of the more corporate style hosts. There is great new technology out there that is being used every single day now, learning that new and exciting technology ourselves and being able to deliver it to our customers is going to be rewarding and a lot of fun for all our employees and A2 Hosting customers!

What should customers get most excited about?

Our customers should always get excited when they talk to a real person and that’s why the A2 Hosting support folks are really great. Our customers should definitely be excited about further improvements to the way we interact with them as well as new products and features we’ll be releasing as their sites develop and mature.

Is there a particular challenge facing our customers that you are most motivated to solve?

Yes, my first step is to improve clarity and communication in a stress free way between our engineering team and our support team. Improving clarity between teams is something that our customers may not actually notice in finer detail, but they’ll notice it in a quick time to resolution, higher uptime and even faster hosting.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I thought I was a gamer, before I met some of the A2 Hosting resident trophy hunters. I currently raise a bunch of chickens and like to do some sport shooting in my backyard. I also don’t mind hitting a good brewery after work when time permits.

Join us in welcoming Steven to A2 Hosting in the comments below. We’re excited to add him to our team!

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