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VPS   5 Major Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • October 31, 2019
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When choosing a hosting plan, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. If your website is small, a shared server might work for now. However, what happens when your site begins to grow? On the other hand, a dedicated server will provide everything you need, but can really take a …

VPS   How to Manage Your Own Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • October 29, 2019
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When you choose an unmanaged VPS, it comes with a lot of responsibility. Although it’s nice to have the freedom to set it up however you’d like, you’ll also need to know how to negotiate the control panel and install basic tools. Fortunately, for developers who know what they’re doing, this type of web server …

VPS   What to Look for in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Provider
  • October 24, 2019
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So you’re thinking about getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to host your website. However, with so many different web hosts available, how will you know which one is right for you? It’s important to understand your needs, so you can make an informed decision when selecting a plan. For instance, a quality VPS provider …

Web Hosting   Why Web Hosting Matters for Your Business (4 Key Reasons)
  • September 12, 2019
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Every website is hosted somewhere. When choosing a host, you might assume the decision doesn’t matter that much. However, the wrong plan can have a serious impact on your business. Poor performance and slow page loading times can result in higher bounce rates and a loss of revenue. The good news is that with the …

Email   How Email Became An Important Yet Complex & Abused Solution
  • July 12, 2019
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Regardless of where you host your email, it’s likely that you have experienced an issue or two in the past. Perhaps you’ve experienced bounces, delays or another problem. Such issues can be very frustrating! To fully understand why email can be problematic even when it’s working correctly, it helps to have some basic background knowledge …

Web Hosting   A Beginner’s Guide to Agency Hosting
  • May 23, 2019
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If you run an agency, then you know how much of a hassle dealing with client websites can be. You need to juggle a lot of credentials, make sure your clients choose decent web hosts, help them pick the right plans, and more. Another (perhaps better) option is to take over hosting responsibilities yourself, by …

Web Hosting   VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: Which Is Best for Your Site?
  • April 25, 2019
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As your website grows, you may start to realize that your existing hosting plan no longer meets your needs. An outdated plan can cause numerous issues, especially when it comes to security, so it’s important to find a suitable alternative. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and dedicated hosting are generally considered to be ‘step-ups’ from …

Reseller   3 Things to Consider Before Offering Reseller Hosting to Your Clients
  • February 18, 2019
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As your web design or development business grows, you may start to consider including hosting as a part of the deal when building websites for clients. This can benefit both parties, since it saves your client time and helps you generate a steady source of extra income.  However, you’ll first need to decide whether reseller …

Reseller   Hosting Affiliate Programs vs. Reseller Hosting: Which One Should You Use?
  • February 14, 2019
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When operating a web design and/or development business, you have the option to offer additional services to your clients. Affiliate programs and reseller hosting are two popular options – but it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit. Hosting affiliate programs are when a hosting company pays you a commission for any …

VPS   4 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Hosting for Your Growing Website
  • February 04, 2019
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Although many website owners start out with a basic shared hosting plan, that may not continue to be a viable option as your website attracts more attention. If your traffic levels have increased, it may be time to consider an upgrade. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plan provides your site with its own individual operating …

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