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Industry Experts HostAdvice Interview A2 Hosting’s CEO

We’re excited to announce that HostAdvice recently interviewed A2 Hosting’s CEO Bryan Muthig! HostAdvice is a leading web hosting information center covering world wide industry news. Each HostAdvice author is a web hosting expert or an experienced web hosting customer so you know you’ll get valuable, trustworthy information from them. …

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Google Eliminates Right Side Ads

seo & ppc

Google is no longer showing ads on the right hand side of their search results. Additionally, Google is showing four ads at the top of their results instead of just three for more popular commercial terms. These subtle changes may have not so subtle impacts on your search marketing. Let’s …

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New & Improved A2 Posting

new a2 hosting

We’ve been hard at work revamping our company blog, and we’re excited to unveil the improved A2 Posting. Something we’ve always focused on is publishing content you care about while keeping promotional posts to a minimum. That’s not to say there won’t be any promotional material. We do like to …

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REST API & How It Will Improve WordPress

Rest API WordPress

As applications evolve, the architecture that enables them to work with a variety of different components must change. WordPress has traditionally been driven by a core structure, which is what has given it the ability to be as modular as it is. While this has been great for a long …

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Updates To Google Webmaster Guidelines Summary

One of the documents that I always urge anyone interested in learning about SEO to read is the Google Webmaster Guidelines. It is essentially Google’s playbook on how to format your site to help the search engine to find, index and rank your pages. From time to time Google updates …

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WordPress & Learning JavaScript “Deeply”

WordPress is in use by more than 60 million websites, making it the most popular site management system on the Internet. Part of the popularity is that it's a free, open-source software with handy plugin features, templates, and a constant source of new features coming from its contributors. But traditionally it has run on PHP, which does have a bit more of a learning curve.

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Keep Your Site Relevant With Evergreen Content

Do you ever experience a nice traffic bump due to a new blog post, but that traffic quickly fizzles out? Wouldn't it be nice to get more of a permanent increase in traffic considering all the time you spend writing your content? If so, you should consider an evergreen content strategy. Evergreen content is always timely because it remains relevant and fresh for your readers. It does not become obsolete.

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Priority Support For Even Faster Answers

At A2 Hosting, we strive to offer the fastest, most reliable service possible. Another top goal of ours is to make sure we also offer fast and accurate answers to your questions. There are instances where you may want EVEN faster answers to your ticket questions. Our brand new Priority Support is the perfect service for you! Subscribe to Priority Support and your support ticket questions "jump to the front of the line" and get answered first.

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4 New Features In WordPress v4.4

Version 4.4 of WordPress has launched! It's nicknamed Clifford, not after the big red dog, but rather the jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. Many of the changes you'll see in WordPress 4.4 are focused on making your site more responsive, allowing it to look attractive regardless of the device it is viewed on.

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