WordPress   Everything You Need to Know About Automatic WordPress Updates
  • September 13, 2016
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WordPress’ popularity makes it the perfect target for hackers – locating a single vulnerability is enough to compromise an alarming number of sites. How is the average WordPress user supposed to secure his site against these odds? There are plenty of ways to secure your WordPress site(s), but the priority should always be to keep …

News   Reseller   New, High Speed Reseller Hosting Packages With Free WHMCS License
  • September 08, 2016
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A2 Hosting has revamped their Reseller Hosting packages. The competitively priced plans now offer up to 200 GB of storage, up to 2000 GB of transfer and now include a free WHMCS license. WHMCS is an industry leading billing and automation tool to help businesses handle everything from their client hosting setup to termination. Offering …

eCommerce   5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates
  • September 06, 2016
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Setting up an online store has never been easier. There are several platforms that make it trivially simple to display your products and offer them to the entire world from the comfort of your home. However, when it comes to securing sales, you’re on your own. After you succeed in getting potential customers to your …

eCommerce   10 Ways to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment for Your Online Store
  • August 31, 2016
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A collation of 33 different shopping cart abandonment studies found that, on average, 68.63% of customers outright abandoned their orders instead of purchasing them. That’s a staggering number, and one which should send shivers down the spine of every player in the e-commerce field. While numbers don’t lie, they also don’t tell us the entire …

Site Speed   Why You Should Care About Fast Hosting?
  • August 29, 2016
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At A2 Hosting, we care about making sure our customers get the fastest page load speeds possible. You may have heard about our blazing fast Turbo Hosting solutions. Our customers who are already hosted on our Turbo Servers rave about them. We welcome you to Google reviews about our Turbo Servers. You will undoubtedly be impressed …

Site Speed   5 Signs You Should Redesign Your Website
  • August 25, 2016
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Being the owner of an outdated website can result in a lot of headaches. If your site doesn’t have a modern look, visitors may get all sorts of funny ideas about your business, which could impact sales. Visiting an outdated website is like taking a trip down memory lane. While the experience can be charming, …

Marketing   5 Simple Steps Towards a Lower Bounce Rate
  • August 23, 2016
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Your site may receive thousands of hits per day, but unless those visitors stay and engage with your content, you may as well be managing a shop with lots of browsers and not a single buyer. Some of those people may have never been interested in your content to begin with, while others may have …

eCommerce   PrestaShop   Top 10 themes in Prestashop that will make your online store POP!
  • August 12, 2016
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Top 10 themes in Prestashop that will make your online store POP! A Theme Dreamland PrestaShop is one of the leading platforms for integrating e-commerce into your website. It provides its users with a range of unique features including open-source software, a passionate community and tons of customization options. The customization is what sets PrestaShop …

Blogging   WordPress   A/B Testing: The Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2016
  • August 09, 2016
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Bringing traffic to your WordPress website means little if you can’t get visitors to take action and convert into paying customers. To help achieve this, it’s important to know how users react to your website’s various elements, and how to optimize them to improve your conversion rate. If you think that sounds like a psychic’s …

Site Speed   Content Delivery Networks: What They Are and Why You Need One
  • August 05, 2016
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When it comes to putting together a killer website, speed is just as important as an attractive design and good content. Even your biggest fans will be yelling obscenities at their screens if your site takes too long to load, so it’s important to get page speed under control. As you may already know, site …

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