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Win A Year’s Worth Of SSD Web Hosting!

Our solid state drive (SSD) Hosting has attracted a lot of attention since we launched it last month. Our SSDs do load pages up to 300% faster compared to standard hard drives after all. Would you like to try out our SSD Hosting? It's your lucky month then! During March we're raffling off two, annual Prime+SSD accounts! That's a $131.88 value!

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5 Ways Anyone Can Speed Up Their Site

According to recent estimates, over 570 new websites are created every minute. Even the most unique sites have competitors. That's why your website's performance is more important than ever. Remember, your website visitors are not patient. You can have an enormous advertising budget to drive traffic to your site, but if your site is slow, your visitors are just going to hit their back button to find a competing site.

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Have You Worked with SSDs Yet?

You likely already use Solid State or Flash memory every day in your smart phone and/or tablet. Today's smart TVs or Blu-Ray players also tend to have a bit of Flash memory. It's faster and more reliable than traditional Hard Drives because there's no moving parts. More and more laptops are coming with a Solid State Drive in addition to or in lieu of a traditional Hard Disk Drive.

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