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Should You Hire a Writer For Your Blog?
  • April 10, 2018
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The formula for growing a blog is simple when you boil it down. As long as you produce content on a regular basis and you target the right keywords, traffic …

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4 Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Website
  • March 07, 2017
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Your website’s content may be top notch, but if you aren’t engaging your readers, building a solid user base is going to be an uphill battle. Furthermore, you might be …

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The Unbelieveable & Staggering Growth Of WordPress
  • February 08, 2017
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In 2016, A2 Hosting became more involved in the WordPress community. A big portion of this initiative was to sponsor and personally attend a number of WordCamps. If you’ve ever …

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7 Ways To Earn Money With Your Blog
  • June 27, 2016
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Most bloggers don’t do what they do simply for the fun of it. Sure, there are some out there who only want an outlet for their voice, but most bloggers …

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How To Improve Your Business’ Brand With Blogging (5 Tips)
  • March 28, 2016
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As a tool that businesses use to build online communities, provide customer value and establish their leadership and domain expertise, business-branded blogs have become a de facto prerequisite for successful …

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