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Marketing   What Analytics Are (And How They Can Help You)
  • May 16, 2017
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Analytics, or more specifically website analytics, are key when it comes to understanding what your site users are doing and why. If you don’t stay on top of your metrics, you’ll be losing out on the opportunity to make decisions based on hard data. You’ll essentially be flying blind. Tracking your site’s analytics doesn’t have to …

Marketing   3 Google Analytics Alternatives You Should Consider
  • February 07, 2017
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Analytics are key to understanding why your visitors behave the way they do, and Google Analytics dominates the field in terms of popularity. There’s no denying it’s an excellent platform, but it also takes a lot of work to master, and it may be overkill for some users. Fortunately, Google isn’t the sole name in …

Site Speed   8 Critical Metrics to Watch With Google Analytics
  • November 04, 2016
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It can be said that a successful website is built in equal parts great content and a solid understanding of your audience. While your content may be first-class, if you don’t know where your traffic is coming from (and the topics your audience is interested in), you’re missing half of the formula. Google Analytics enables …

Marketing   5 Simple Steps Towards a Lower Bounce Rate
  • August 23, 2016
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Your site may receive thousands of hits per day, but unless those visitors stay and engage with your content, you may as well be managing a shop with lots of browsers and not a single buyer. Some of those people may have never been interested in your content to begin with, while others may have …

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