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WordPress   How WordPress Themes Can Impact Your Website’s Loading Times
  • November 26, 2019
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There are a lot of factors that impact the speed of your website. This includes your web host, the design decisions you make, and of course, which WordPress theme you choose. After all, not all themes are built the same. If you’re a WordPress user, choosing the right combination of theme and web host is …

WordPress   4 WordPress Maintenance Tasks You Should Perform Regularly
  • June 19, 2018
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Running a website is, in many ways, much like running a business. Behind every successful site you visit, there’s a lot of work that goes on in the background to keep things running smoothly. Without that regular maintenance, your website might not be able to achieve its full potential. The good news is that WordPress …

Site Speed   WordPress   4 Tips for Turbocharging a Slow WordPress Website
  • May 06, 2016
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Does your company website take more than five seconds to load – or worse, a minute or more? Here’s the bad news: A slow WordPress website is bad for a company’s bottom line. Website visitors may leave immediately – being too frustrated to continue seeking out the information they were first after. In addition to …

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