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How To Choose A Hosting Service

At A2 Hosting, we offer a number of web hosting options. Looking to manage your account with the easy-to-use cPanel control panel? Then you'll want to choose from our selection of Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS or Managed Dedicated Server options.


Are you an experienced developer? We also have a number of options featuring full root access that you can manage from the command line including our VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Flex Dedicated Servers.


Regardless of the service you choose, you know you can expect the highest performance. That's because you'll be hosted on our exclusive SwiftServer platform. Once you buy your hosting package, you'll have access to an extension selection of Software Hosting options including Blog Hosting, CMS Hosting, eCommerce Hosting and many more!



Shared Hosting


Our Shared Hosting packages are our most popular package and perfect for 90% of customers. They include tons of features like 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 1-click set of popular software and much more.


You should choose our Shared Hosting you want to:


  • Host your blog or personal site
  • Create a Drupal, Joomla or WordPress powered site
  • Run a storefront with Magento or other solution
  • Power your small business website and blog
  • Or run dozens of other popular software packages


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Additional Web Hosting Options


Reseller Hosting


Want to host your own customers? Our Reseller Hosting plans are the perfect solution! You get to pass along all of our exclusive, performance boosting solutions to your own users. Just some of the tools that we include that make it easy to get up and running:


  • Master WHM control panel creates individual cPanel accounts for each of your customers
  • Free SSDs
  • Design your own custom hosting packages


See All Reseller Hosting Packages




Managed VPS


The perfect solution if you need more power than a Web Hosting package but you still want the same ease of use. You'll have the same control panel, but in a more robust, fully managed package. Choose Managed VPS Hosting if you want to:


  • Run a medium business website and blog
  • Host a popular personal blog
  • Develop and host sites for your clients
  • Run larger and more demanding software packages


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VPS Hosting


If you're a developer or an experienced system administrator who wants a bare metal installation you can fully customize and control, our VPS solution is ideal. You'll get full root access and flexibility to develop projects or run software not supported in our Managed solutions. Choose VPS Hosting if you want:


  • Full root access
  • Multiple Linux OS options
  • Choose your RAM, disk space and data transfer!


Design My Perfect VPS Hosting Account



Cloud Hosting


Similar to VPS Hosting as it's designed for developers and experienced system administrators, but includes additional benefits compared to VPS Hosting including:


  • Pay only for the resources you use
  • Free high availability failover
  • Resize on demand


Design My Perfect Cloud Hosting Account



Flex Dedicated Server


This is the ultimate hosting environment for developers looking for more power than a VPS. Your Flex Server is ready for your configuration and is deployed in 30-minutes or less. Each Flex Dedicated Server includes:


  • 100% server isolation
  • Full root access
  • Choice of Linux OS


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Managed Dedicated Server


 Designed to meet your most intensive hosting needs. Our Dedicated Servers are rock solid and built by our amazing systems team. You'll get 24/7/365 support and all the features of our other Managed solutions with unparalleled power. A Flex Dedicated Server is perfect if you want to:


  • Host one or more successful business websites and blogs
  • Run a popular destination site getting thousands of visitors per day
  • Run the web's most demanding software solutions and packages
  • Meet the needs of any high traffic, high load, high availability site


See All Managed Dedicated Servers



Still Can't Decide?


Contact our friendly sales team. Tell us what you want to do and we'll help get you into the appropriate hosting solution.



Software & Development Options


Once we have helped you choose which of our hosting packages fits your specific needs, it's time to learn more about all of the compatible software options you'll have access to at A2 Hosting. There's a ton!


ad management hosting  Ad Management Hosting

* Ad Management solutions include everything from Analytic programs to gain better insight into your web traffic to pixel tracking for your ads. Any website can use these solutions to learn more about what sort of marketing activities are leading to successful visitor interactions as well as to help you make decision on which under performing tactics should be cut from your marketing mix.


blog hosting  Blog Hosting

* Blogging is a quick and easy way to create an online presence by publishing your thoughts on any topic. After attracting an audience, a blog can become quite profitable by placing online advertisements on it. But blogging doesn't have to be a business venture. Many bloggers do it for fun and many blog topics are based on the author's personal interests. The reason for starting a blog and its topic are entirely up to you!


control panel hosting  Control Panel Hosting

* At A2 Hosting, users manage their hosting accounts with the award winning cPanel control panel on the vast majority of their accounts. This intuitive control panel makes it easy for you to manage everything including your sites, files, databases and email. Interested in a hosting account with root access? Install a number of open source control panels on your account including ISPConfig, Ajenti and ZPanel.


cms hosting  CMS Hosting

* A content management system (CMS) is a type of software application designed to help you create, edit and publish their website's content in an organized manner. Organizations use CMS to manage their website's pages, text, documents, pictures and just about anything else found on their site. CMS software is designed in a manner where minimal technical knowledge is needed to use it. A CMS is particularly useful for coordination purposes when there are a number of users who regularly work on the same website. A web CMS will help your organization keep track of every version of each page on your site, properly structure the content creation process, provide consistency on every web page, reduce duplicate content and much more.


crm hosting  CRM Hosting

* Customer relationship management (CRM) are the methods used by an organization to keep track of and organize their interactions with current and prospective customers. CRM software provides a centralized portal accessed by departments across an organization used to input and organize customer information. CRM is crucial for businesses interested in learning more about their customers and those who want to focus on their most profitable market segments. Specific examples of how CRM software can help increase sales is by tracking when the last time a customer or lead was contacted by a salesperson, provide a database of customer purchase history, and match customer needs with specific products.


customer support hosting  Customer Support Hosting

* At A2 Hosting, we understand the value of software that can help you get your customers fast answers to their questions. We use them ourselves! That's why your account comes loaded with help desk, supoort ticket and live chat software options.


database hosting  Database Hosting

* Database hosting capability is extremely important for today's information rich websites that require continuous updating. Databases help to streamline the efficiency of the applications powering many websites so important data can be updated on the fly. A databases' organizational ability also allows your data to be accessed quickly and be edited if needed.


education hosting  Education Hosting

* From Moodle to Omeka, your A2 Hosting account comes loaded with tools to help teachers both inside the classroom. We even offer a non-profit discount to help you pay for your web hosting package.


email hosting  Email Hosting

* Your A2 Hosting account comes loaded with email tools. Just some of the features you'll have access to include POP3, SMTP, IMAP, spam protection, webmail and email forwarders.


erp hosting  ERP Hosting

* ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. ERP software is used by businesses to help them manage all of their product plans, development sales, marketing and manufacturing functions in a centralized location. ERPs are perfect for helping you forecast your work load according to your current orders.


ecommerce hosting  eCommerce Hosting

* At A2 Hosting, you'll find all the electronic commerce (eCommerce) tools and resources you need to power your online business and produce well earned revenue from your site. A2 Hosting servers support the best open source e-commerce tools from Magento to PrestaShop. You'll save money on web development with our 1-click cart setup, so you can spend it instead on building and advertising your product inventory and services.


forum hosting  Forum Hosting

* A forum is a tool that allows groups to discuss specific subjects online in an organized manner. A forum is made up of individual messages within a number of threads. The thread contains the overall topic of conversation and the messages are the individual contributions to the discussion. 


framework hosting  Framework Hosting

* A framework is a set of instructions for a software system that is intended to be used over and over again. Frameworks are a time saving solution that help to complete certain tasks for development projects by offering key components that do not need to be created from scratch.


image gallery hosting  Image Gallery Hosting

* An image gallery is a web page or site whose primary content consists of images. A web gallery is essentially an online photo album. A2 Hosting offers support for a number of open source image gallery software applications designed for straightforward management of photo based web pages. These applications make it easy to attractively and seamlessly integrate images into your web pages. Using image gallery software is perfect for online private or public photo sharing.


microblog hosting  Microblog Hosting

* A microblog software solution is very similar to regular blog software. The main difference that you'll find is that the published posts found on a microblog are much shorter in length. The most popular microblog services in existence today include Twitter and the status update feature found on Facebook.


project management hosting  Project Management Hosting

* Project management is the process of planning and organizing the resources you have available to help you meet your specified goals. Project management software is perfect for helping project managers and employees to organize their work loads and communicate with each other. Just some of the task project management software helps you with are task management, planning, bug reporting and time tracking.


fast hosting  Performance Hosting

* Everything you could want to know about what makes our service faster than the competition can be found right here. Learn about how your site is hosted on free SSDs and about our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers. Not only do we allow caching solutions on our Shared Hosting accounts to give your site an extra boost, you'll have access to our exclusive A2 Optimized tool for an easy 1-click caching setup experience.


video script hosting  Video Script Hosting

* If you're familiar with YouTube, you're familiar with the power of what a video script software solution can help you do.  The video script software available at A2 Hosting can help you create your very own video sharing website in moments. 


wiki hosting  Wiki Hosting

* A Wiki is a type of website that is designed for the collaboration of work among anyone that can access the Wiki. A Wiki allows visitors to easily add, delete, and modify the content found on the page. It is intended to be very user-friendly as knowledge of HTML is unnecessary to edit it. The term Wiki is an acronym for "What I Know Is."


social-network-hosting  Social Network Hosting

* A social network is an online community that allows users to connect with other people who share an interest or hobby. Internet social network topics can be anything, ranging from sushi to rugby. Business related social networks are also quite popular. Social networking websites give businesses a convenient outlet to connect with their customers. Companies can also network with other related businesses to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.


developer friendly hosting  Web Development Tools

* A2 Hosting has a well earned reputation for being a developer friendly web hosting company. We are dedicated to offering you the latest and greatest in LAMP and Linux hosting technology. In addition to our Guru Crew team that provides amazing support for these solutions, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our servers. At A2 Hosting, you get the best versions of scripting languages like PHP, databases like MySQL and many more!