Singapore Unmanaged Server Comparison

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Server Resources
Raid-1 SSD Storage2x120 GB2x250 GB2x500 GB

While standard hard drives can only perform hundreds of input/output operations per second, our SSDs perform thousands every second! With no moving parts and no bottlenecks, our SSDs can help your site really fly!

Some hosts claim to offer Solid State Drive Hosting but only host your OS or MySQL databases, not your files.  We use SSD for everything so you get the biggest speed boost possible That's why our SSD Hosting loads pages faster than our competition and why even we host our site on SSDs.

Transfer5 TB5 TB5 TB
CPUIntel 3.4+ GHzIntel Xeon 3.0+ GHz2x Intel Xeon 2.1+ GHz
CPU TypeIntel® Core™ i3Intel® Xeon® E3Intel® Xeon® E5
Turbo Boost - Learn More
  • Up To 20X Faster Page Loads
  • Speed Enhanced Apache-Compatible Replacement
  • Faster & More Efficient Connections

According to an Aberdeen Group study, just a 1-second page load delay can cause a 7% decrease in your conversion rate, 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction and 11% fewer page views. Don't fall victim to a slow host.

Our Turbo servers provide a drop-in Apache replacement that load pages up to 20X faster page loads compared to competing hosts. What makes our Turbo servers so fast?

  • Uses less CPU and memory than Apache
  • Handles connections faster and more efficiently
  • Provides enhanced stability

Learn more about how Turbo Boost makes your server fast.

Turbo Boost + Turbo Cache (Page Level Caching)$50.00/mo

Increases page load speeds by storing the entire HTML contents of your pages and serves them without having to run PHP. 

Dedicated IPs222
Need A Custom Server? - Contact Us!yesyesyes
High Speed SwiftServer Features
10 Gb/s Redundant Networkyesyesyes
Enterprise Grade Hard Drivesyesyesyes
High-Performance Hardwareyesyesyes
Fast DDR3 Memoryyesyesyes
Latest Generation Multi-Core Processorsyesyesyes
CloudFlare Firewall Option - Faster Speeds & Enhanced SecurityAvailableAvailableAvailable

Get all the features of our free CDN including increased site speed, enhanced security and increased uptime with the added benefits of:

  • Web Application Firewall - Helps prevent automated attacks, SQL injections & XSS javascript injections!
  • Free Universal SSL - Help keep your visitors safer with free SSL!
  • Mobile Optimization with Mirage & Polish - Quickly produces a usable page for mobile devices by displaying a full page, then quietly fills in the rest of the page without disrupting the visitor's experience.
  • Auto-Configured –  CloudFlare Firewall comes pre-installed!
  • SPDY Support – Web pages load up to 64 percent faster with the SPDY protocol than with HTTP alone.

HTTP/2 provides significantly faster page load times than HTTP because of its ability to deliver more HTTP requests at once and prioritize those requests. HTTP/2 delivers files 20%-30% faster than HTTP. Based on Google's SPDY project, HTTP/2 actually marks the first major HTTP update since 1999!


SPDY is a Google developed protocol designed to deliver website content both faster and more securely. While SPDY is available with your A2 Hosting account, Google has announced SPDY will be replaced by HTTP/2.

Edge Side Includes (ESI)

With ESI, you no longer have to designate an entire page as non-cacheable just because one portion cannot be cached. Instead you can easily designate portions of your page to be cached (or not cached) with ESI. This is significant especially for sites created by applications like Magento or WordPress.

Easy Websocket Proxy Configuration

WebSocket's create two-way interaction between a browser and a website possible for a realtime web experience. This is instead of the server needing to be called intermittently to access new information. Websockets are ideal for developing live content and realtime games. Not only do our Turbo Servers make it easier to setup a WebSocket, Turbo allows you to better handle incoming connections and provides enhanced security.

Exclusive Dedicated Server Features
Perpetual Securityyesyesyes

Our proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats! Our Perpetual Security is unrelenting and constant hosting protection, squashing threats before they potentially develop into something larger. Main Perpetual Security features:

  • KernelCare - Daily, Automatic & Rebootless Kernel Updates
  • Dual Web Hosting Firewall
  • Brute Force Defense
  • Virus Scanning
  • Server Hardening
  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
Auto-Install Popular Software With A2 QuickInstallerFREEFREEFREE

So Fast! So Easy! So Free! Auto-install the most popular software with the A2 QuickInstaller. Just choose the tool you want, sit back and watch how fast it gets installed. No more install headaches! Choose Node.js, WordPress, Asterisk and many more! 

Here is a list of all the software ready for easy install via the A2 QuickInstaller and the Linux distributions each is available on. Our goal is of course to make everything available everywhere, but sometimes reality has other ideas. Is there something you need that isn't listed? Just let us know!

Hassle-Free Anytime Money Back Guaranteeyesyesyes

Risk Free. Hassle Free. Worry Free.

We've got a lot of cool features we want you to try. So do it! Try us risk free! If you decide we're not the right host for you, just cancel your account and we'll give you a full refund within 30-days or a prorated refund for your unused service after 30-days. It's that easy!

FutureServe Green Hostingyesyesyes

The "A2" in our name stands for Ann Arbor, the city where we're heardquartered? Nicknamed named Tree Town, Ann Arbor is home to over 150,000 trees! This is a big reason we protect the environment for future generations:

  • 100% Carbon Neutral - Since 2007 we have worked with to help in their creation of clean, renewable energy and CO2 reductions on a global scale.
  • Telcommuting – Prevents unnecessary CO2 emmissions from daily commutes to an office.
  • Recycling Older Servers – Instead of piling up in a landfill, we re-use them as internal servers, dedicated servers for clients with lower resource requirements & resell public.
  • Planting Trees – We've run promotions like planting 3-trees for each package sold.
  • Reducing Trash – We reduce our waste with practices like using coffee mugs instead of disposable coffee cups when in the office.
5-Star Average - 4300+ Third Party Verified Reviewsyesyesyes

Read what our customers have to say about us before you purchase!

BBB Accredited Business - A+ Ratedyesyesyes

At A2 Hosting, we have the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee (Ultra-Reliable Hosting)yesyesyes

Our servers are fast. They're also reliable. We understand if your site is down, your visitors can’t purchase from you. They can’t find your contact information. They can’t read your new blog post. The bottom line is downtime means lost opportunity. We get it.

Our 24/7/365 support staff includes expert system admins hard at work ensuring your server runs at its peak. We employ our industry's best practices, feature servers in the best data centers and make sure your server includes the latest security patches. That's why we can guarantee your network will be up over 99.9% of the time.

Flex Dedicated Servers
Exclusive Flex Dedicated Technologyyesyesyes

You have a hectic life and require a flexible and powerful server solution to keep up. Our Flex Servers are up to the task.

  • 30-minute deployment - Fast access to your server.
  • Boot and reboot control.
  • It's your server - Never be impacted by another customer.
  • Xen virtualization ensures the rock solid stability
Instant Server Activationyesyesyes

Your server is already set up and sitting in our data center just waiting for you to get started. Sign up now and it will begin to provision immediately. You should have access to your server in 30-minutes or less.

Fully Isolated Environmentyesyesyes
Root Accessyesyesyes
Ultra-Reliable Hosting
Expertly Tuned Serversyesyesyes
24/7 Network Monitoringyesyesyes
Quadruple Redundant Networkyesyesyes

Even if one, two or even three of our US data center links were to go down, you would remain connected! Our multiple global transit carriers include:

  • 10G Level 3
  • 10G CenturyLink/Saavis
  • 10G Cogent
  • 2.5G Comcast
Redundant Power (UPS/Diesel Generator)yesyesyes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee (Ultra-Reliable Hosting)yesyesyes

Our servers are fast. They're also reliable. We understand if your site is down, your visitors can’t purchase from you. They can’t find your contact information. They can’t read your new blog post. The bottom line is downtime means lost opportunity. We get it.

Our 24/7/365 support staff includes expert system admins hard at work ensuring your server runs at its peak. We employ our industry's best practices, feature servers in the best data centers and make sure your server includes the latest security patches. That's why we can guarantee your site will be up over 99.9% of the time.

Flex Dedicated Environment
Root Accessyesyesyes
Change & Re-Load Your OS on Demandyesyesyes
SolusVM Control Panelyesyesyes

Use SolusVM to manage your account. SolusVM features include:

  • Reload Your Linux OS
  • Shutdown control
  • Reboot control
  • Boot control
SSH Accessyesyesyes
Boot Shutdown & Reboot Controlyesyesyes
Install/Compile Custom Softwareyesyesyes
Full Network Control (IPTables)yesyesyes
R1Soft CDP Backupsnonono

R1Soft is our complete server backup solution featuring continuous data protection(CDP) technology. R1Soft features frequent and automatic backups of your individual files, websites and MySQL databases. R1Soft even makes it possible to recover an entire server with Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery.

R1Soft offers a fast full restore of your data, providing you peace of mind from hard drive failure or user error.

cPanel Control Panel License (1 GB RAM Minimum Required)$39.95/mo

Offers an intuitive interface and makes it easy to manage your:

  • Domains
  • Software
  • Databases
  • Email
cPanel +Softaculous - 1-Click Setup WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop & More$42.95/mo

Just click the Softaculous icon in your cPanel control panel to install the most popular software to your account with 1-click. It couldn't be easier to use! Install blogs, CMSes, eCommerce solutions and so much more. You'll automatically be notified when a new version of your software is available, so you can update it with 1-click.

There are 100's of software applications to chose from including WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart and more!

CloudLinux OS License + cPanel$49.76/mo

Our supercharged version of the CentOS operating system is specifically designed to meet a site's growing needs. With its unheralded ability to isolate and control resource spikes, CloudLinux provides superior site availability

Linux OS Options
CentOS (5, 6 and 7)yesyesyes
Debian (6 and 7)yesyesyes
Fedora (20)yesyesyes
Gentoo (2011)yesyesyes
Slackware (13.37)yesyesyes
Ubuntu (10.04, 12.04 and 14.04)yesyesyes

Blazing Fast Hosting Solutions.

High performance hosting to fit your unique needs!


Starting at $ 172.99 monthly  
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2x120 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Transfer
  • Cores
  • Intel 3.4+ GHz
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee


Starting at $ 445.99 monthly  
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2X500 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Transfer
  • 12 Cores
  • 2x Intel Xeon 2.1+ GHz
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

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Our goal isn't to win awards. Our goal is to offer blazing fast and ultra-reliable solutions. Even so, we're still extremely proud of our team's accomplishments! Since our launch in 2003, their hard work has helped us earn recognition and accolades as an industry leading web hosting provider. 

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