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These articles show how to manage billing for your A2 Hosting account using the Customer Portal.

Managing and paying invoices

This article shows how to use the Customer Portal to manage and pay your invoices.

Managing credit cards

You can use the Customer Portal to manage your credit card information.

Changing an account’s billing cycle

You can use the Customer Portal to change your account's billing cycle.

Applying a credit to your account

Learn how to apply a credit to an existing invoice or to a new purchase.

Discounts and promotional pricing

Get answers to your questions about A2 Hosting discounts and promotional pricing here.

Discounts for non-profit organizations

A2 Hosting offers a discount for accredited non-profit organizations. Learn more in this article.

Service migrations, upgrades and downgrades

Learn about what's involved with migrating your account to A2 Hosting from another provider, upgrading your A2 Hosting account and downgrading your account.

European Union Value Added Tax (VAT) policies

Get answers to A2 Hosting's policies regarding the European Union's VAT (Value Added Tax) in this article.

Invoice totals and charged amounts differ

This article explains why the actual charged amount may differ from the total displayed on your invoice.

India Service Tax policy

Get answers to A2 Hosting's policy regarding the India Service Tax in this article.