How to manage your email in Professional and Pro Plus Email Hosting webmail

This article describes how to manage your email messages using the webmail interface provided in Professional and Pro Plus Email Hosting accounts.

Managing your email messages

To manage email messages using webmail, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your webmail account at
  2. Your inbox appears. Click on a message:

    Webmail - Message list

    The message appears in the viewing pane:

    Webmail - Message viewing pane

  3. There are several options available in the viewing pane:

    • Archive: Click this option to move the message to the Archive folder.
    • Delete: Click this option to move the message to the Trash folder.
    • Star: Click this option to mark an important message.
      You can search for starred messages in your inbox by typing is:starred in the Search box.
    • Mark unread / Mark read: Click this option to mark the message as unread (or if it is currently marked unread, to mark it as read).
    • Mark spam: Click this option to mark the message as spam and move it to the Spam folder.
    • Move to folder: Click this option to move the message to a specific folder.
      Folders help organize your inbox. For example, you could have a “Personal” folder and a “Work” folder. To create new subfolders, click Inbox in the left sidebar, and then click Create a subfolder.
    • Print conversation: Click this option to generate a printed hard copy of the message.

More Information

For more information about how to manage your email messages in webmail, please visit

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