Knowledge Base

Windows Hosting

These articles describe how to configure and use your Windows Hosting account.

Switching PHP versions on Plesk

You can quickly and easily switch PHP versions on your account, and this article shows you how.

Adding new domains and subdomains in Plesk

Learn how to add domains and subdomains to your account in Plesk.

Installing Perl and Python on Plesk

Plesk 12.5 does not come with Perl and Python installed, but you can install them manually. Learn more in this article.

Backing up and restoring databases with Plesk

Plesk enables you to quickly and easily back up and restore databases, and this article shows you how.

Generating and renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in Plesk

Learn how to create and maintain Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for your site by using Plesk.

Generating a CSR and installing an SSL certificate in Plesk

Learn how to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and install an SSL certificate for your site by using Plesk.

Website staging with Plesk

Website staging enables you to test your site in a safe environment before you take it live. This article describes how to do website staging with Plesk.

Configuring Silverlight in Plesk

Learn how to use Plesk to configure your site to support Microsoft Silverlight.

Scheduling tasks in Plesk

The task scheduler in Plesk enables you to fetch URLs and run commands and PHP scripts at user-defined intervals. Learn more here.

Using FTP in Plesk

Plesk supports FTP, which enables you to transfer files between a computer and your A2 Hosting account. Learn more here.

Managing databases in Plesk

Learn how to manage your databases in Plesk.

Backing up and restoring sites in Plesk

Learn how to back up and restore your websites in Plesk.

Using the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk

Learn about the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk.