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Advanced features in cPanel

Read these articles to learn about cPanel's advanced features and how to enhance your web site's functionality.

Cron jobs

You can use cPanel to configure cron jobs so commands run at user-defined intervals.

Apache Handlers

You can add and delete custom Apache handlers for your web site to specify how certain file types are processed by the server.

Error Pages

You can create custom error pages for your web site to define what a user sees when an error occurs.

MIME Types

You can use cPanel to configure custom MIME types for your web site.

Index Manager

You can use the Index Manager in cPanel to control how your web site handles directory listings.

Virus Scanner

You can use cPanel to scan your account files for viruses, trojan horses, and other types of malware. Learn how in this article.


Patchman helps protect your web site from malware and vulnerabilities. Learn more here.

Patchman for resellers

As a reseller, there are additional options available in cPanel to help you manage your customer sites and help protect them from malware and vulnerabilities.