Patchman for VPS and Dedicated servers

This article discusses additional Patchman options that are available for VPS and dedicated servers.

The information in this article only applies to VPS and dedicated server accounts. For a general introduction to Patchman features and how to use them, please see this article.

What is Patchman?

Patchman is a multi-function security solution that automatically patches vulnerabilities on Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. It also identifies and quarantines hacked files and out-of-date applications.

Managing customer accounts

On a VPS or dedicated server, you may have numerous sites. However, you do not need to log in to each cPanel account to check Patchman. Instead, you can view and manage Patchman for all of your sites from one convenient dashboard.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel for your primary account.
  2. In the ADVANCED section of the cPanel home screen, click Patchman:

    cPanel - Advanced - Patchman icon

    The Patchman dashboard appears.

  3. At the top of the page, click the blue arrow icon next to your username:

    cPanel - Patchman access icon

    Patchman displays statistics about vulnerable users and open issues, and a list of all of your accounts:

    cPanel - Patchman - Account list

  4. To view detailed information about a specific account, click its username. A dashboard for the account appears:

    cPanel - Patchman reseller - cPanel details

  5. From a cPanel account dashboard, you can do the following actions:

    • To view a list of applications Patchman has detected for the account, click Applications.
    • To do a scan immediately of the account, click Perform scan.
    • If Patchman detects any issues for the account, in the Actions and Bulk actions list boxes you can select several actions such as Patch, Block, and Mark as safe.
      For additional information about these and other options, please see this article.
  6. To return to the main dashboard, click the blue arrow icon next to the customer username.

Patchman policies

Patchman has configurable policies for notifying customers, applying patches, and quarantining files. The default policy is suitable in most cases. Notifications go directly to the primary user, and there is appropriate time allowed for scheduled updates before automatic updates occur.

Other policies are available. To learn about our other policies, please open a support ticket with our Guru Crew on the Customer Portal at

More Information

For more information about Patchman, please visit

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