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Using cPanel's CGI Features

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard used by web servers to generate dynamic content. For example, you can use a CGI script to access information in a database, format the results, and return the results as part of an HTML page. CGI scripts are very popular and used extensively throughout the World Wide Web.

The cPanel CGI Center has pre-installed CGI scripts that are easy to set up and use. Read the following articles to learn about these scripts and how you can add dynamic content to your web site.

Random HTML Generator

The cPanel CGI Center includes a script that you can use to generate random HTML content from a list of text phrases that you define.

Counters, Clocks, and Dates

You can use the cPanel CGI Center to add dynamic counters, clocks, and dates to your web site.


Learn how to use the cPanel CGI Center to configure a guestbook for your web site.