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cPanel Software and Services

cPanel offers many software packages and services that you can install on your web site. Some of these packages, such as PEAR and RubyGems, are geared towards web developers. Others, like Softaculous, enable you to install a blog or online store with just a few clicks.

PHP PEAR Packages

You can use cPanel to install a wide range of PHP PEAR packages to facilitate web development.

PHP Version Switcher

You can change the PHP version that your web site uses. Learn how here.

PHP Configuration Information

You can use cPanel to view PHP configuration information for your web site.

Perl Modules

The Perl Modules feature in cPanel enables you to install a wide range of Perl modules for your web development projects.

Changing PHP versions and settings in cPanel

Learn how to change the PHP version and settings from cPanel. Please note this article only applies to some hosting accounts.

Installing Trac using the Python Selector

Learn how to install the Trac bug tracking system using the Python Selector in this step-by-step article.