Knowledge Base

Python Information Overview

The following articles provide information about configuring and running Python scripts and applications on A2 Hosting servers.

Python script basics

What is the path to the Python executable? What are the correct file permissions for my Python scripts? What versions of Python are installed? Get the answers to these essential questions and more here.

Using virtualenv and pip

Learn how to use the virtualenv and pip programs to create custom environments and install Python packages.

Activating a Python virtual environment from a script file

There are scenarios where you may need to activate and use a Python virtual environment within a script file, and this article shows you how.

Using Python to send e-mail messages

Learn how to send e-mail messages from your hosting account using Python.

Using a newer version of Python

You may want to use a version of Python that is newer than what is installed on your server. Learn how in this article.

Installing and configuring Django on unmanaged servers

This article demonstrates how to install and configure Django on an unmanaged server.

Installing and configuring Django on Linux shared hosting

Learn how to install and configure Django on a Linux shared hosting account, step by step.