Knowledge Base


Read these articles to learn how to configure and optimize your Ghost installation.

Restarting Ghost

Some changes to the Ghost blogging platform, such as new theme installations, require a restart. Learn how to do this here.

Updating Ghost

Keeping a Ghost site updated is important for stability and security reasons. This article describes two methods for updating a Ghost site.

Adding CAPTCHA protection to a Ghost site

CAPTCHA protection helps secure your Ghost site, and reduces the amount of spamming by bots and other malicious actors. Learn how to add CAPTCHAs to your site here.

Installing Ghost themes

Ghost themes enable you to customize your web site's appearance. Learn how to install themes in this article.

Using Google Analytics with Ghost

Learn how to use Google Analytics with your Ghost site to obtain statistics about visitor traffic.

Resetting the Ghost administrator password

If you are locked out of your Ghost administrator account and cannot use the e-mail password recovery feature, you can manually reset the password in the database. This article shows you how.

Migrating WordPress content to Ghost

If you are going to make the switch from WordPress to Ghost and have existing content, you can bring it along with you. Learn how in this article.

Adding comments to Ghost

Ghost currently does not have built-in support for comments. This article shows you how to add comment capabilities to your Ghost blog.