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How to add CAPTCHA protection to a Ghost site

This article describes how to add CAPTCHA protection to a Ghost site. CAPTCHAs help protect your site from spamming by bots and other malicious actors.

For general information about what CAPTCHAs are and what they do, please see this article.

Adding CAPTCHA protection

The Odamae CAPTCHA is free and easy to configure. Unlike most CAPTCHAs, which require users to enter a series of characters, Odamae simply requires users to select the correct image:

Ghost - Odamae CAPTCHA

Odamae also includes an audio option for increased accessibility. The audio option asks users to solve simple math problems or answer questions like “what is the third month of the year?”

To add CAPTCHA protection to a Ghost site using the Odamae plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Use your web browser to visit
  2. Click Sign Up, and then complete the registration process.
  3. After you verify your e-mail address, log in to the Odamae site again.
  4. On the Get your code page, there are two color schemes available. Under Light themes / black icons or Dark themes / white icons, click Get the code.
  5. Copy the code. This code includes the API key, JavaScript, and HTML <form> elements that are necessary to enable CAPTCHAs on your site.
  6. To test the CAPTCHA functionality, we will create a contact page:
    • Log in to your Ghost site as the administrator.
    • Click NEW POST.
    • In the Your Post Title box, type Contact me.
    • In the MARKDOWN text box, paste the Odamae code that you copied in step 5. The PREVIEW pane should now display Embedded JavaScript.
    • Click the Post Settings (Ghost - Post settings icon) icon. Confirm that the Post URL value is contact-me, and then select the Turn this post into a static page check box.
    • Click SAVE DRAFT, and then click Publish Now.
    • Use your web browser to go to, where represents your domain name. The contact form appears with the image selection CAPTCHA.
  7. Add the Odamae code to any other posts or pages that you want to protect.

More Information

For more information about Odamae, please visit