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How to brand customer cPanel accounts in WebHost Manager

This article describes how to customize the cPanel interface for your customers. With WebHost Manager, you can easily brand cPanel to display your own logo, various styles, and much more.

Branding customer cPanel accounts

You can use WebHost Manager to brand cPanel for your customers. For example, you can add your company logo to the cPanel header or change the interface look and feel. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the WebHost Manager home screen, click cPanel, and then click Branding.
  2. WebHost Manager displays the available themes. Click Live Editor next to the theme you want to modify.
  3. WebHost Manager opens the Branding Editor and displays the branding styles available for the theme. You can select the following options for a branding style:
    • Apply to My Account: This option sets the style for your primary reseller account only.
    • Apply to All Accounts: This option sets the style for all of your customer accounts and your primary reseller account.
    • Set Default for New Accounts: This option sets the default style for any new customer accounts that you create.
    • Edit this Style: This option enables you to customize the style's look and feel.
      There are many style customizations available. For more information, please visit

More Information

To view the official WebHost Manager documentation for cPanel branding, please visit