Jeremy C.'s Review

Jeremy C.
January 15, 2019
“Almost a week into using A2 hosting and I'm extremely impressed. After migrating a couple of our client's sites to A2 there is an incredible decrease in loading times (we did purchase the additional Turbo Server option, I can say it's well worth the money). Our clients are happy which is by far the most important factor for us, but as a developer, I'm loving the platform as well. I've found in the past that platforms that have a great number of built-in tools and services also tend to take control away from you - this is not the case with A2. On the other end, in the past, I've found that systems that allow a great amount of control usually gives you enough rope to hang yourself with - again not the case with A2. For example, rather than using their built-in scripts to install a WordPress site, I manually moved over one of our client's sites so that we could keep the same naming conventions used for our databases. Configuring FTP and a remote SSH connection was as easy as it should be. After changing our client's domain zone file I was pleasantly surprised to find that an SSL certificate had been automatically issued for the site. Great! Freedom where I want it, automation where I would rather pass - loving it. Their support is unlike anything I've experienced before. I've been around the block, having used Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in the past. These services definitely have different goals and features compared to A2, but their support looks like a joke in comparison. I'm used to having to pay for a support plan just to get an answer on the same day (AWS people know what I'm talking about). A2's support was free with my plan, and 7 out of the 9 responses came to me within an hour. On top of this, when I first joined the platform I had a variety of questions. Along with their quick responses, they juggled me between a number of specialists to quickly tackle questions on topics ranging from billing concerns to in the weeds technical. On top of all of this, the price is fantastic. We've purchased the reseller hosting. We price our hosting for our clients to undercut the competition, but even so, we're still making a hefty margin. We started out by purchasing the wrong package as well, and there were zero gripes about giving us our money back after cancellation.”

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