Full HostGuard Management

At A2 Hosting, Fully Managed means we maintain your server and monitor its performance. We take it another step further though with HostGuard Server Management.


HostGuard means you don't worry about your server. That's our job!



Managed Hardware & Network


We maintain and update all hardware to guarantee optimal performance. Our quadruple redundant network and RAID protected storage ensures ultimate reliability. We’ll even monitor your server’s load to ensure it runs at a top-notch level.


Managed Software


We’ve spent years perfecting our server template to guarantee ultimate performance from day one. As you read this, our team is keeping the software installed on each server up-to-date. This includes your cPanel control panel and your entire LAMP stack (Linux OS, Apache, MySQL, PHP).


Managed Security


We keep your data secure! Even when you’re away from your computer, your server is protected by our 24/7/365 monitoring and Smart System Notifier. We’ll make sure you have the latest OS security updates. Our system administrators have also applied unrivaled server hardening techniques to your server by default.