Free SSL Certificate

A2 Hosting is excited to offer free SSL Certificates on the following hosting services for enhanced visitor and site security. Best of all,our free SSL is automatically applied to your account for free so you get increased security on your site by default!

SSL Certificate Solutions To Fit Your Needs

At A2 Hosting, you get a wide range of SSL Certificate options from free SSL Certificates to Premium SSL options for your eCommerce site and everything in between! Our affordable SSL Certificates offer quick setup and makes HTTPS easy! Enhance your web hosting account and your website with an SSL Certificate to increase visitor trust, search engine traffic, website security and much more!

SSL Certificate Options

RapidSSL$49.99$99.99$149.99BUY NOW
PositiveSSL$49.95$99.90$149.85BUY NOW
EssentialSSL$69.95$139.90$209.85BUY NOW
InstantSSL$99.95$199.90$299.85BUY NOW
QuickSSL Premium$129.95$259.90$389.85BUY NOW
PositiveSSL Wildcard$149.95$299.90$449.85BUY NOW
True BusinessID$179.00$358.00$537.00BUY NOW
RapidSSL Wildcard$89.99$159.99$249.99BUY NOW
True BusinessID EV$269.00$538.00$807.00BUY NOW
Secure Site®$180.00$315.00$495.00BUY NOW
QuickSSL Wildcard$431.00$862.00$1293.00BUY NOW

Free SSL Certificate - What Our Customers Have To Say?

A2 Hosting offers a number of SSL Certificate options! Here are just a few SSL Certificate Reviews from our customers who have chosen one of our options.

Free SSL Certificate: Choose Additional SSL Providers

Not only does A2 Hosting offer a wide variety of SSL Certificate options, but also from a wide variety of SSL Certificate providers. Here are just a few of the most popular options currently available at A2 Hosting.

About Free SSL Certificates

What Is Free SSL?

Our free SSL Certificate offers enhanced website protection. It allows users to setup trusted HTTPS on websites for encrypted connections. The protection offered is just as secure as paid certificate options.

Free SSL Certificate Benefits

There are a ton of advantages to using a free SSL Certificate. Below are a few of those advantages:

  • Simple Setup - At A2 Hosting, all you need to do is contact our support staff and our team will automatically apply a free SSL certificate to the domains of your choice on your account. From there, you just have to apply the appropriate security settings to the software you're using to power your site (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.). It couldn't be easier!
  • Enhanced Security - The obvious benefit is that a free SSL provides your site with modern security practices and techniques.
  • Automated Protection - Your domains are protected with just a few clicks of your mouse. 

Free SSL vs Paid SSL Certificates

There certainly are a number of benefits of setting up free SSL Certificate protection for your sites. However there are a few reasons why you might want to consider one of our paid SSL Certificate options.

  • Warranties - A warranty is not included with our free SSL protection. Paid SSL Certificate options on the other hand are backed by warranties.
  • Limited Options - Our free SSL Certificate does not offer an Extended Validation (EV) or Organization Validation (OV) options. Users looking for these features should look at paid SSL Certificate options.