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Thanks for visiting A2 Hosting! Looking for an A2 Hosting coupon code? We've got you covered! As a token of our appreciation for your interest in A2 Hosting, we wanted to share these exclusive A2 Hosting discount codes with you. Use these discounts on your first billing cycle for our hosting packages. Use our blazing hosting service at a discounted price. Since they're coming right from A2 Hosting, you know they'll work! It doesn't get any better than that!


Shared Hosting Coupon Code : SAVEFAST

Save 51% on your first billing cycle for your new Web Hosting package with coupon code SAVEFAST during checkout.


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Managed WordPress Hosting Coupon Code : WORDPRESS51

Save 51% on your first billing cycle for new hosting package purchases by entering Coupon Code WORDPRESS51 during checkout.



Reseller Hosting Coupon Code : RESELLER34

Save 34% on your first billing cycle for new hosting package purchases by entering Coupon Code RESELLER34 during checkout.



Managed VPS Hosting Coupon Code : 34MVPS

Save 34% on your first billing cycle for new hosting package purchases by entering Coupon Code 34MVPS during checkout.



Dedicated Server Hosting Coupon Code : FASTSERVERS

Save 17% on your first billing cycle for new hosting package purchases by entering Coupon Code FASTSERVERS during checkout.

Discount Web Hosting

It's true that A2 Hosting doesn't offer the cheapest web hosting. It's a losing proposition. Cheap hosting means cheap service, and our service is certainly not cheap. We've worked too long and too hard to offer substandard service. Instead we're known for our fast service and rightfully so. We strive to be the host we would want to use ourselves, so while we're not the cheapest host out there, at the end of the day we can proudly offer you our blazing fast service at a reasonable and affordable price. Our customers love us because of it!

Ask yourself if you really want the cheapest hosting on the market. After all, you get what you pay for. When you choose a cheap host, you miss out on the A2 Hosting Difference.

Discount Hosting Support vs A2 Hosting's Guru Crew Support

If you're barely paying anything for your hosting, how can they afford to staff a support team. Often times they can't. If you're paying bargain basement prices for your hosting, you're lucky to get any support at all. Most of the cheap hosts you find these days just offer a discussion forum where you can get help from the host's other customers. Do you really want to wait days and to rely on a forum to get answers to your important questions?

At A2 Hosting, we hand select our Guru Crew Support team members and make sure they're available to answer your questions 24/7/365. They're helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and here to help you! Call us, chat with us or email us. We're standing by at this moment to answer your hosting questions!

Discount Hosting Downtime vs A2 Hosting Ultra-Reliability

Is it worth saving a dollar or two a month if your site isn't available and you have to deal with downtime? The cheapest hosting provider not surprisingly buy cheap server hardware, don't have the staff to maintain equipment and don't have the resources to offer you a quality network. You spend a lot of time designing your website, creating valuable content for your visitors and selling your products. If people can't even access your site, what's the point of all your hard work? In both the short and long run, you're more than likely going to end up losing money dealing with your cheap hosting.

Don't waste your time on those hosts. Instead choose A2 Hosting where you know you'll receive ultra-reliable service on fine tuned servers all backed by our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Best of all you'll have peace of mind knowing your site will be up and running when your visitors want to see it!

Discount Web Hosting Speed vs A2 Hosting's SwiftServers

If you have a cheap, slow host, the reality is your web site is going to load slowly. Page load speeds impact everything from your bounce rate, conversion rate, SEO rankings, visitor satisfaction and so much more. It's hard to think of something more frustrating than sitting and waiting for a slow website to load. Unfortunately your visitors aren't going to wait for your site to load. They're just going to get their information or products from one of your competitors. Slow hosts generally use cheap hardware and don't have enough bandwidth across the server. You'll also discover those hosts are able to charge such low rates because they load their servers with too many other customers so they can charge their ultra low rates.

You and your site deserve more. At A2 Hosting, we understand the importance of a fast loading site. That's why our slogan is "Our Speed, Your Success." Those aren't just words to us though, it's something we strive for each and everyday. Your site comes hosted on our SwiftServer platform, a product of over 10 years of tweaks and optimizations to get the fastest performance. Looking for even faster page load speeds? You also get the option to host on our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers.

Discount Hosting Security vs A2 Hosting's Perpetual Security

You should expect nothing less than top notch security from your hosting provider. It can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to fix a hacked site. If your host cuts corners and doesn't offer security features like a firewall, it's time for you to quickly find a new host. You're not just putting your own data and money at risk, you're putting your visitors and your customers information at risk. You can even lose your reputation with Google for having an insecure, hacked site.

At A2 Hosting, you get the benefit of Perpetual Security! Just some of the features we have to help keep your site safe include brute force defense, 24/7/365 security monitoring, dual web hosting firewall and auto-heal hosting protection.

A2 Hosting Coupon Code Conditions

The A2 Hosting discounts listed on this page and throughout our site are not applicable to Cloud VPS. Promotional terms and conditions apply. Coupons can't be stacked and/or combined. Each A2 Hosting discount listed on our site is valid on your first billing cycle. With the quality level of services available from A2 Hosting including real support, solid state drive costs, the cost for software licenses, security and server maintenance, we are unable to maintain these introductory prices after your first billing cycle is complete.

High Powered Web Hosting For Your Unique Needs!

We have a blazing fast web hosting solution perfect for you! Whether you have a brand new blog or a popular business site, we've got you covered! Whether you've never run a website before or are a professional developer, we have a web hosting solution for your unique needs! Our commitment to offering you industry leading website hosting with free site transfers means you'll love your A2 Hosting service!

Starting at $3.92 USD monthly 51% Off (was $7.99)
Host your personal blog/site
  • WordPress, Drupal & Joomla optimized
  • Turbo Servers (up to 20X faster)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free & easy site transfer
Use code: SOFAST!
Starting at $13.19 USD monthly 34% Off (was $19.99)
Host your own customers
  • Easily setup individual hosting accounts
  • Fully white-labeled
  • World class WHM control panel
  • Free billing system option
Use code: SELLA2
Starting at $5.00 USD monthly  
More power than Shared Hosting
  • Speed, security & developer friendly
  • More isolation
  • Choose your management level
  • Free site transfer (w/ Managed & Core VPS)
Starting at $99.59 USD monthly 17% Off (was $119.99)
For most intensive business needs
  • Customize your server's resources
  • Complete isolation
  • Choose your management level
  • Free site transfer (w/ Managed & Core server)
Use code: FASTSRVR

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