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How to install a web development framework using the A2 QuickInstaller

The A2 QuickInstaller offers several web development frameworks that you can install on your system with just a few keystrokes. Learn more in these articles.

The A2 QuickInstaller is no longer supported, and is only available on older VPS hosting packages. On newer VPS hosting packages, you can use Webuzo to quickly and easily install a wide range of applications and manage your server.

Some of the following software packages are not available for every OS distribution. Additionally, some software packages may have additional system requirements. For more information, please see the complete availability list for the A2 QuickInstaller .

The Django web application framework is easy to install with the A2 QuickInstaller.


You can use the A2 QuickInstaller to install Node.js, a JavaScript-based web development framework.


Grails is a web development framework based on the Groovy programming language that's easy to install using the A2 QuickInstaller.


Pylons is a collection of Python-based web application frameworks. Learn how to install it with the A2 QuickInstaller here.


TurboGears is a Python web development framework that you can install using the A2 QuickInstaller.


You can use the A2 QuickInstaller to install the Scala programming language.