Does A2 Hosting support Let's Encrypt?

Yes, all new Plesk-based (Windows) A2 Hosting accounts support Let's Encrypt.

Using an SSL certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority is recommended for best results when enabling SSL. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority, and is recognized by most modern browsers. Let's Encrypt is supported for all new Plesk-based (Windows) A2 Hosting accounts, and certificates may even be generated automatically for immediate use.

  • Newly provisioned cPanel-based Shared and Reseller hosting, as well as managed VPS and Dedicated hosting accounts now have Sectigo enabled by default instead of Let’s Encrypt.
    Please note that A2 Hosting, in order to provide consistent and reliable user experience, is switching from Let’s Encrypt to Sectigo for all newly provisioned accounts. Existing accounts will also make the change to Sectigo certificates sometime in the near future. The certificates are equal in terms of trust level, validity, and how they are used. You should see no impact on your site, and the only difference is that the padlock in your browser will now say “cPanel Cert Issued by Sectigo” instead of “Let’s Encrypt."
  • For Plesk-based (Windows) hosting accounts, you can quickly and easily enable Let's Encrypt through the user interface.
  • For Core and Unmanaged products, you can install and configure Let's Encrypt yourself.

For more information regarding Let's Encrypt for your account type, please see the Related Articles section below.

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