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Backing up your data

These articles describe how to manually and automatically back up your data, including web site files and databases.

Backups on shared hosting and reseller accounts

You can configure manual and automatic backups that save your web site files and MySQL databases.

Backups on dedicated servers and VPS

Learn about the various options to back up your data on dedicated servers and VPS.

Using Amazon S3 to back up and restore data

You can set up your A2 Hosting account to back up data automatically to Amazon S3 cloud storage. You can also restore data from an Amazon S3 backup. Learn how here.

Using R1Soft to manage backups

Flex Dedicated server accounts can use the R1Soft Server Backup Manager to manage backups and restores. Learn how here.

E-mail backup

Backups are essential to protecting your e-mail. This article shows you several ways to make backups.