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Registering a domain

These articles discuss various topics related to domain registration. For information about how to purchase a new domain, please see this article.

Choosing an effective domain name

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a domain name for your web site. This article provides some tips and pointers.

Protecting your domain registration

Don't lose your domain name! Learn how to protect your domain from expiration, scams, and more.

Internationalized domain names

Internationalized domain names allow you to use Unicode characters in domain names. Learn more here.

Nexus requirements for .us domain registration

When you register a .us domain, you must provide some additional information to fulfill the Nexus requirements. Learn more here.

Requirements for .ca domains

Learn about requirements for registering .ca domains.

Domain expiration

Learn what happens when a domain expires, and how you can reactivate it.

ICANN registrant validation

As of 2013, ICANN requires validation for new domain registrations and registrant contact information updates. Learn more here.