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Easy Website Software Setup Guide

There is a huge variety of applications you can install on your web site, from e-commerce solutions to blogs to wikis and much more.

Some applications can be installed quickly and easily using Softaculous in cPanel, while other applications may require manual installation and configuration. Either way, you can get a complete web site up and running quickly using the following articles.


Installing applications on your web site is very easy with the Softaculous installer in cPanel. Learn how to use Softaculous to manage your applications, and browse popular application categories here.

Manual installations

Sometimes you may have to manually install an application. Although the process is not as quick as an installation using Softaculous, it is easy enough if you have experience using an FTP client or the cPanel File Manager.

Optimization and configuration

Learn how to optimize and configure your installable application -- tips and tricks for WordPress and other popular applications.