Malware Removal & Protection

We understand that being the victim of a hacked site can be extremely frustrating. You just want a fast and easy solution to help you repair your site. You also want to prevent future security issues. We get it. Let A2 Hosting, our Guru Crew and the site protection experts Sucuri handle it all for you!

Our malware protection and removal plans powered by Sucuri offer quick, hands-free and affordable ways to fix your site and help prevent a hack from occurring again. Our support experts are here to help, and help you quickly! That way your audience can enjoy your site again and you can avoid any damage to your reputation.

Site Protection Options

1-Time Website Cleanup

Starting at $125.00 USD one time  
Have A Hacked Site? Our Guru Crew Can Fix It!
  • Website hack cleanup
  • Blacklist warning removal
  • SEO spam repair
  • Best practices for site hardening

Sucuri Website Monitoring

Starting at $5.00 USD monthly  
Continuous Website Scanning Protection!
  • Continuous scans & incident alerts
  • Remote & server side scans
  • Website application firewall
  • Help prevent hackers and DDoS attacks


Sucuri Account Firewall

Starting at $15.00 USD monthly  
Protect Your Site With Intrusion Prevention!
  • DDoS protection
  • Brute force protection
  • Virtual patching and hardening
  • Malware protection
  • Blocks SQL injection, software & cross site scripting vulnerabilities

Sucuri Protection Suite

Starting at $274.88 USD annually  
All In One Security Bundle For Ultimate Protection
  • Includes 1-Time Site Cleanup
  • Website Site Monitoring
  • Account Firewall
  • Best practices for site hardening
  • DDoS, brute force and malware protection