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We understand that being the victim of a hacked site can be extremely frustrating. You just want a fast and easy solution to help you repair your site. You also want to prevent future security issues. We get it. Let A2 Hosting, our Guru Crew and the site protection experts Sucuri handle it all for you!

Our malware protection and removal plans powered by Sucuri offer quick, hands-free and affordable ways to fix your site and help prevent a hack from occurring again. Our support experts are here to help, and help you quickly! That way your audience can enjoy your site again and you can avoid any damage to your reputation.

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Website Cleanup Have A Hacked Site? We Can Fix It For You!
Site Monitoring Security Auditing & Malware Scans
Account Firewall Enterprise Level Security Prevention.
Full Security Suite All In One Ultimate Security Protection
Security Features    
Comprehensive Hack Removalyesnonoyes
Blacklist Warning Removalyesnonoyes
SEO Spam Repairyesnonoyes
Site Hardening Best Practicesyesnonoyes
Remote Malware Scanningnoyesnoyes
Security Activity Auditsnoyesnoyes
File Integrity Monitoringnoyesnoyes
Blacklist Monitoringnoyesnoyes
DDOS Protection & Mitigationnonoyesyes
Brute Force Protectionnonoyesyes
Vulnerability Exploitation Protectionnonoyesyes
Security Filtering Of Your Trafficnonoyesyes
XSS, RCE, RFI/LFI & SQLi Attack Protectionnonoyesyes