SSL Certificates

A2 Hosting proudly supports Let's Encrypt in addition to these SSL Certificate solutions!

SSL Certificate Solutions

Single Site SSL

Starting at $ 49.95 annually  
Affordable domain protection
  • Secure Site Seal
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • 2048 Bit Key
  • 1-Click Setup Available

Wildcard SSL

Starting at $ 149.95 annually  
Multi subdomain protection
  • Secure Site Seal
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • 2048 Bit Key
  • Unlimited Subdomains


Advanced SSL

Starting at $ 199.95 annually  
Top level business protection
  • Secure Site Seal
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • 2048 Bit Key
  • Validation For Domain & Organization Options

SSL Certificate Options To Fit Your Specific Needs

SSL Certificate Reviews

A2 Hosting offers a number of SSL Certificate options! Here are just a few SSL Certificate Reviews from our customers who have chosen one of our options.

SSL Certificates & So Much More!

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