Affiliate Program FAQs

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please click here to contact our affiliate manager.

Before Joining

Q. How do I apply for the A2 Hosting affiliate program?
A.You can sign up for our program at

Q. How much does it cost be an A2 Hosting affiliate?
A. Nothing!

Q. Do I have to be an A2 Hosting customer to be an affiliate?
A.Absolutely not. But we think you'd love our web hosting service nonetheless.

Q. What is a second tier commission?
A. Anyone that clicks on your A2 Hosting affiliate link and signs up for our affiliate program is placed on your second tier. You get $5 every time an affiliate on your second tier makes a sale.


Q. How long does it take for a sale to show up in my account?

A. It should show up immediately.

Q. I just made a sale. Where can I see it?

A.  Log into your A2 Hosting affiliate account. On the left side of the control panel, click Reports and then Commissions. Here you can see all of your Pending and Approved commissions.

Making A Sale

Q. I know someone who needs hosting. How do I earn a referral fee?
A.You need to sign up for our affiliate program. Once approved, log into your affiliate account. You can quickly access your affiliate link in the upper portion of any page you visit in your control panel. Send this link to your acquaintance that needs hosting. When they click on that link and order an account with us, you earn a commission.

Q. I've been approved for the A2 Hosting affiliate program. Now what do I do?
A. Log into your affiliate accountto access A2 Hosting's marketing materials. Click the Promotion menu on the left to find banners and text links to add to your site. Click Promotion and then Banners & Links. Choose the marketing material you would like to add to your site, click "Get Banner Code", and copy/paste this code to your site. When someone clicks on that link and purchases a hosting account, you earn a commission.

Can I PPC bid to promote A2 Hosting?
A. Yes, but please do not bid on our corporate name, variation of our corporate name, misspelling or any keyword that contains a portion of it including "A2", "A2 Hosting", "A2Hosting". Focus on bids for keywords like "fast hosting", "PHP hosting" and "WordPress hosting". Please contact us if you need help brainstorming keywords. Make sure to add a2, a2 hosting, a2hosting, and a2 web hosting as negative campaign keywords.


Q. I've made a sale. Now when do I get paid?

A. A $100 commission threshold needs to be met before payments are made. Once your approved commissions has reached or exceeded this amount, you will be paid on the next "15th" of a month to the PayPal account listed in your affiliate control panel. For example, if you surpass the $100 commission threshold on October 2nd, you will be paid on October 15th.

Q. Can my commissions go towards my hosting costs?
A. No, but you may be interested in our Refer-A-Friendprogram.

Q. How long do my sales/commission remain pending until they are approved?

A. Sales are approved after 45-days.

Q. Can I use my affiliate link for self-referrals on accounts I'll use for personal use?

A. No. This is against our affiliate agreement that is specified on our affiliate program's sign up page. If you are interested in a discount though, please visit the A2 Hosting Coupon page.

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