Ever wish you could get something in return when you tell your friends, family and social media followers about the great service you receive from A2 Hosting? The Refer-A-Friend program offers you that exact opportunity. As an A2 Hosting customer, you earn a $50 hosting credit for everyone you refer to A2 Hosting! All they have to do is click your Refer-A-Friend link and purchase a hosting package from us. Best of all, you don't even have to sign up for the program and you already have a Refer-A-Friend link in your My A2 Hosting account!

Get Your Link

3 Easy Steps to Earn FREE Hosting

1. Log into your My A2 Hosting account to copy your custom refer-a-friend link. You'll find your link below your Account Overview.

2. Email your custom link to friends and family or post it on your website or social media sites.

3. For each person who clicks your custom link and purchases a new hosting account, a $50 credit is automatically added to your account.

You'll even receive an email when your account is credited  with the $50 once the account you referred has been active for 45-days.

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