Refer-A-Friend FAQs

Q. Do I need to sign up for the refer-a-friend program?

A.No! Every A2 Hosting customer already has a custom refer-a-friend link. Just log into your My A2 Hostingaccount at any time to grab your link.

Q. How will A2 Hosting know I referred a sale?
A.Your refer-a-friend link is tagged with a custom ID. When someone clicks your link, a cookie with your custom ID is written to their browser. As long as that cookie is present when they make a purchase, we can track the sale back to you.

Q. Do I need to tell you when I refer a sale?
A.No! As long as your custom link was clicked before the purchase, we will automatically know that you were the one that referred the sale.

Q. How will I know when the credit is added to my account?
A.We'll email you to let you know! There will also be an "Available Credit Balance" box that will appear in the Client Area of your My A2 Hostingcontrol panel.

Q. Where should I put my custom link?
A.Place it in your emails, newsletter, website, Facebook posts and tweets. The more places you post the link, the better chance you have of earning a $50 credit.

Q. Which services should I suggest to my family and friends to be eligible for the $50 credit?
A.You can refer our hosting PACKAGES to be eligible for the $50 credit. We are unable to offer the credit for domain registrations, SSL certificates or other addons.

Q. Can I earn a credit for purchases I make myself?
A.No, but if you are looking for a discount we welcome you to visit the A2 Hosting Couponpage.

Q. Can I refer a current customer to your service?
A.No. To be eligible to earn the hosting credit, you must refer a NEW customer.

Q. What constitutes a NEW customer?
A.We are referring to a new A2 Hosting customer. That means if you are reselling our services, new accounts you open or new customers you sign up do not qualify. You are still our customer in all of these cases. When in doubt, think about the payment information (e.g. billing address, phone number, etc.) If it's your information in our billing system then you are still our customer, so that would not qualify. Please feel free to Contact Supportif you have any questions.

Q. What if someone I know purchased a hosting package, but didn't click my Refer-A-Friend link?
A.Please make sure they click your link! We are unable to add the credit if your Refer-A-Friend link was not clicked.

Q. Why do I have to wait 30-days to get credit for the referral?
A.A2 Hosting offers a full refund within the first 30-days of an account's creation. We just need to know that the account you referred has cleared this 30-day period before we credit your account.

Q. How is "Refer-A-Friend" different than your Affiliate Program?
A.The Refer-A-Friend program is faster and easier to get started with. All A2 Hosting customers are automatically enrolled in the refer-a-friend program. To join the A2 Hosting affiliate program, you must fill out a signup form, be approved for the program and send in a tax form. You earn a commission (instead of a hosting credit) with the A2 Hosting affiliate program as well.

Q. Can I convert my earned credits so they can be paid to my PayPal account instead?

A. No. If you would like to be paid to PayPal for your future referrals, please join our Affiliate Program.

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