Is This Your Typical Day?

web hosting careersAlarm clock. Snooze button. Alarm clock. Snooze button. Alarm clock. Coffee. Shower. Traffic jam. More coffee. Where’d my lunch go? More coffee. Phone call. Wish mom wouldn’t call me at work. Yelling by the boss. Traffic jam. Watching some late night show. Bed. Rinse. Repeat.

Get out of your daily grind and come on over to A2 Hosting! We are constantly on the lookout for talented, driven individuals with an obsession for all things technical.

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Ready To Escape Your Boring Cubicle?

Take our 10 question quiz to find out. If you answered yes to each question, you might be ready to become an A2 Hosting team member.

  1. Do you want to help support the best group of customers around?
  2. Do you have a passion for LINUX?
  3. Are you tired of your great ideas getting lost in the red-tape?
  4. Do you enjoy a fast-paced, never boring work environment?
  5. Are you faster than a speeding VPS (or are at least familiar with VPS Hosting)?
  6. Are you willing to practice our proven methods for curing finger cramps from typing too fast?
  7. Are you curious about the web hosting industry?
  8. Can you devote yourself to learning the A2 Hosting oath and handshake? Can you keep it a secret?
  9. Have experience with cPanel, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP and SSL?
  10. Are you hard-working, friendly, hard-working and pay close attention to detail?

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