A2 Hosting's Core Values

Look around our website and you'll find a lot of common themes. High speed website performance. Ultra-reliable servers. Expert Guru Crew support. All of the valuable benefits we offer our customers stem from our company's Core Values.

Do our Core Values have an uncanny way of describing your own personal characteristics? You may be a great fit for our team and we want to hear from you. Visit our Open Positionspage and submit your application!

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Passion for work enhances the desire to pursue excellence. Team members are committed to continually achieving higher levels of performance.


You think about the team first, how decisions impact the organization, making connections and considering the impact on other areas of the business.


You have a desire to learn, asking what’s next, asking why, digging deeper, striving to do better and embracing failure and learning from it.

Customer Focused

Employees are committed to helping the customer solve their problem and understanding their pain points. We are driven to go above and beyond in serving them.


Being nimble. Able to move quickly and easily. Willing to make quick changes when it's obvious those changes need to be made. Adapt to change quickly, flexible and goal oriented.

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