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Developer Friendly Hosting

Developer Friendly Hosting

At A2 Hosting, your account comes packed with current versions of the most popular developer software. This includes software we use ourselves, along with anything our customers have requested. We've listed the most popular tools below including PHP and MySQL. If we listed everything included in your account, the page would be go on and on...


With an account loads with developer software, you also get the added benefit of being hosted on our high performance SwiftServer platform. Choose our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers for even better performance.


Question? Just ask our 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support team. They'll be happy to tell you all about our ultra-reliable servers and how you can try us risk free thanks to our Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Get started now!

Scripting Language Hosting Options


php hosting  PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.55.6 or 7.0

* PHP is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language. It providers users with a complete suite of tools for developing dynamic websites.


python hosting  Python 2.4, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1 or 3.2

* Python is a popular, general-purpose and high-level programming language. It gives developers the ability to work fast and more effectively integrate languages.


ruby hosting  Ruby 1.8

* Ruby is a dynamic programming language designed for simplicity and productivity. Ruby's elegant syntax makes it easy for users to write.


node.js hosting  Node.js

* Node.js is a cross platform environment designed for networking and server-side applicatios. Node.js makes it easy to build lightweight, real-time applications.


Database Hosting Options


mysql hosting  MySQL 5.5

* MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. It's known for quicker processing, top reliability, ease of use and its flexibility.


postgresql hosting  PostgreSQL 9.4

* PostgreSQL is powerful database system known for being reliable and its database integrity. PostgreSQL's stability makes it a popular choice because it requires minimal maintanence efforts.


sqlite hosting  SQLite 3.3

* SQLite is a  self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration and transactional SQL database engine.  The advantage of SQLite is that it is a single file, meaning in many cases it's easy to both install and use. 


mongodb hosting  MongoDB

* MongoDB is a document, NoSQL database. MongoDB is known particular for being agile, scalable and its top performance.


mariadb hosting  MariaDB

* MariaDB is a feature enhanced drop-in alternative for MySQL. MariaDB is the perfect choice for developers seeking a robust, scalable, and reliable SQL server.


Server Software Hosting Options


apache hosting  Apache 2.2

* Apache is the world's most used web server software. Apache is available for a wide variety of operating systems including Unix, FreeBSD, Linux and more.


nginx hosting  Nginx

* Nginx is a free HTTP server and reverse proxy. It is focused on performance, stability and low resource use. 


tomcat hosting  Tomcat

* Tomcat is an application server that executes Java servlets for web pages that have Java Server Page coding. Tomcat is developed and maintained by Apache.


Framework Hosting Options


angularjs hosting  AngularJS

* AngularJS is a structural framework perfect for developing dynamic web apps. Using HTML as your template language, AngularJS lets you extend HTML's syntax to efficiently build your application's components.


cakephp hosting  CakePHP

* CakePHP is a rapid development PHP framework. It is designed to allow users to develop quickly while maintaining flexibility.


codeigniter hosting CodeIgniter

* CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework using minimal resources. It's designed for developers requiring a toolkit that is both simple and elegant for building full featured applications.


django hosting  Django

* Django is a Python-based framework. Designed for speed, Django eliminates much of the hassle of web development so you can focus your attention on developing your app.


laravel hosting  Laravel

* Laravel is designed to help you write simple and expressive code ensuring that your code is easier to maintain. It's focus to be better than competing frameworks provides a superior foundation with robust features.



* Kohana is an elegant PHP framework providing a rich set of components perfect for developing web applications. Kohana makes it easy to extend existing components as well as add new libraries.


symfony hosting  Symfony

* Symfony isn't just a framework, but a philosophy and community as well working together in harmony. Symfony promotes professionalist and best practices while being backed by a dedicated community of users.


emberjs hosting  Emberjs

* Ember.js is a JavaScript web application framework. It can easily be embedded into existing applications thanks in part to its handlebar.js templating. 


yii framework hosting  Yii

* An acronym for "Yes It Is", Yii is a component based framework designed for quickly developing applications. Its focus on reusability can greatly speed up your development.


zend framework hosting Zend Framework

* Zend Framework is often referred to as a component library because of its loosely coupled components that can be used independently. It's widely used because of its focus on on simplifying web development while maintaining object-oriented best practices.


Version Control Hosting Options


subversion svn hosting  SVN

* SVN (or Subversion) manages the changes to your files and directories over time. This makes it easy to recover older versions and examine how they have changed over time.


cvs hosting  CVS

*  Short for Concurrent Versions System, CVS keeps track of the work and all changes to a set of files. This makes it easy for multiple developers to collaborate on the files.


git hosting  Git

* Git is designed to handle both small and large projects. Git is easy to learn and its tiny footprint ensures speedy performance.


mercurial hosting  Mercurial

* Mercurial is a Python-based content management tool. It efficiently handles projects of all sizes and its intuitive interface makes it a user-friendly solution.


Developer Tools Hosting Options


ssh hosting  SSH

* Secure Shell (SSH) is a program allowing you to to log into another computer over a network, perform commands in a remote machine and to transfer your files among machines. While some hosts charge for SSH, it's always available free at A2 Hosting.


cron job hosting  Cron

* A cron schedules a command or script to run automatically on your server at a specified time. A cron job is the actual task you have scheduled. Cron jobs are most often used to automate repetitive tasks.


  mantis hosting  Mantis

* Mantis is a PHP-based bug tracking system. Mantis makes it fast and easy to work with your team members and clients.


redmine hosting  Redmine

* Redmine is a issue tracking and project management solution. Redmine makes it easy for users to manage many projects and its associated subprojects.



* cURL is an abbreviation for Client for URLs. cURL is a command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax.



* APC is a PHP accelerator short for Alternative PHP Cache. APC caches the PHP bytecode compiler output in shared memory, reducing parsing and disk I/O overhead for future requests.