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What is Railgun?

This article discusses Cloudflare's Railgun technology for increasing web site performance.

What is Railgun?

Railgun is a web optimization technology provided by Cloudflare that greatly speeds up delivery of non-cached web pages. The basic Cloudflare service automatically caches around 65% of the resources for a web page, but 35% of this content cannot be cached because resources are dynamically generated or marked as “do not cache”. This 35% is often the initial HTML of a web page that is downloaded first.

Railgun speeds up serving this remaining 35% of web content by opening a secure, tunneled connection between the Cloudflare network and your host's origin server. A web site's HTML markup generally does not change very much from one request to the next, so instead of transferring the entire request between Cloudflare and the origin server, Railgun only transfers the markup changes. This reduces bandwidth usage, transfer time, and overall page load times.

In order to use Railgun, you must:

  • Enable Cloudflare in cPanel. (You cannot use Railgun separately.)
  • Use A2 Hosting's name servers for your domain.

Availability and pricing

We have partnered with Cloudflare to make obtaining Railgun easy and affordable. If you purchase Railgun directly through Cloudflare, it costs around $200 USD per month. However, as a Cloudflare partner, A2 Hosting offers Railgun at reduced cost on many of our hosting accounts.

Please see this page for current pricing information.

Railgun is not available for reseller hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, unmanaged VPS Hosting, or unmanaged Flex Dedicated Server accounts.

Enabling Railgun for your account

To enable Railgun for your account, please open a support ticket on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at

More Information

For more information about Railgun, please visit