How to Use Flash on Your Website

This article discusses Flash, a multimedia platform used to play audio, video, and other types of content.

About Flash

Flash is used to create and play multimedia content. This content is usually embedded in web pages. Flash uses vector graphics, which can be scaled to different monitor settings without losing quality. Flash files are relatively small and compact, which makes them popular for web-based applications.

Flash files can incorporate audio and video, image files, and more. Most web browsers support Flash files by default. Otherwise, users can download a plugin so they can play Flash files.

To create Flash content, many people use Adobe Flash Professional, although there are other alternatives as well.

Displaying Flash content in a web page

A2 Hosting's servers support Flash content. The following HTML sample demonstrates how to embed a Flash .swf file into a web page:

<embed src="my_flash.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
 width="640" height="80" loop="false">

Replace my_flash.swf with the name of your own Flash application. You can set the width and height to whatever you want, although you should maintain the same aspect ratio as the original file. For instance, if the original file has dimensions of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, you could display the Flash application at 400 pixels by 300 pixels without losing any quality.

More Information

For more information about Adobe Flash, please visit

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