How to use the Exif extension in PHP

This article describes how to use PHP to process Exif (Exchangeable image file format) data.

Using the Exif extension in PHP

A2 Hosting's shared servers include PHP support for processing Exif data. The Exif PHP extension enables you to work with metadata from images taken by digital devices. For example, one common use of PHP's Exif functions is to process photographs taken by a digital camera. Depending on the image file format, you can also retrieve embedded thumbnails of images.

To extract all of the Exif headers from an image file, use the exif_read_data() function. The following PHP code sample demonstrates how to do this for an image file named photograph.jpg:

$my_exif_data = exif_read_data( 'photograph.jpg' );
print_r( $my_exif_data );

More Information

For more information about Exif-related functions available in PHP, please visit

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