Knowledge Base

Working with Linux

A2 Hosting servers run Linux, an operating system popular for its stability and security. The following articles teach you the basics of working with the Linux operating system.

These articles assume that you already know how to access your account using SSH or FTP. If you do not know how to do this, please read the articles about how to access your account first.
Introduction to Linux commands

Learn how to perform essential and basic Linux commands, from command line, such as listing files and directories, moving and deleting files, and more. If you're new to Linux or the command line in general, this is a good place to start.

Working with compressed files

You may encounter certain types of compressed files, such as .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files, that your computer's operating system cannot read or decompress. This article is intended for Microsoft Windows users who need to work with these types of files.

Editing text files

Sometimes you may have to edit a text file from the command line. This article shows you how.

Editing .htaccess

Learn to edit the .htaccess file. This article shows you how.