Using Jetpack on Managed WordPress

This article discusses the Jetpack plugin on Managed WordPress. Installed on millions of WordPress sites, Jetpack is a popular plugin created and maintained by Automattic, the same company behind

Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin that offers backups, security and performance enhancements, and more.

The information in this article applies to cPanel-based Managed WordPress hosting accounts. If your Managed WordPress account uses Plesk, please see this article.

Activating Jetpack

Jetpack is installed automatically on all new accounts and ready for activation. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site.
  2. On the dashboard appears the Jetpack section. Click Set up Jetpack:

    Managed WordPress - Set up Jetpack dashboard

  3. The login page appears:

    Managed WordPress - Jetpack - login

  4. Type the e-mail address associated with your account, and then click Continue.

    Alternatively, if you do not have a account yet, type your e-mail address, click Continue, and a account is created for you automatically. Check the inbox for the e-mail address you specified, and in the message from, click Finish your Jetpack setup.
  5. The Completing setup page appears. Click Approve to link your WordPress site to your account:

    Managed WordPress - Jetpack - Approve and complete setup

  6. After finishes connecting to your site, your WordPress site reappears with Jetpack activated.

    Please wait one hour for setup to complete fully. After one hour has elapsed, you can configure all of the Jetpack settings and options for your hosting plan.

Using Jetpack

  • For detailed information about how to use Jetpack's features, please see the official Jetpack documentation at
  • For specific information about how to configure Jetpack backups on your A2 Hosting account, please see this article.

Jetpack features

Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin that can manage backups, help secure your site, and more. The list of available features depends on the Managed WordPress hosting plan that you have:

Run plan

This plan includes a free Jetpack license with the following features:

  • Site speed score and 1-click optimizations: Site speed affects SEO rankings and visitor experience. Jetpack boosts your site's performance and web vitals scores for better keyword rankings with simple 1-click performance optimizations.
  • Lazy loading images: This feature improves site performance by automatically delaying the loading of media on posts and pages until visitors scroll down to where the media actually appears on the page.
  • CSS structure optimization: This feature optimizes page styles to boost site speed, particularly for mobile visitors.
  • Deferred loading of non-essential JavaScript: This feature delays loading non-critical processes, allowing the most important portions of your site to load first.
  • Brute-force protection: This feature helps keep your site safe by blocking unwanted login attempts from malicious botnets and distributed attacks.
  • Automated spam filtering: This feature protects your site from being bombarded with spam content.
  • Website statistics: Jetpack provides clear and concise statistics about your visitors and traffic, so you can make actionable decisions to improve your site.
  • Activity log: Jetpack logs site activity, including login attempts, published and updated posts, comment submissions, plugin installations, and more.
  • SEO tools: Jetpack enables you to easily customize your site's meta titles and descriptions to help maximize search engine traffic.
  • Social media posting: With Jetpack, you can share your content and publish social media posts directly within WordPress.
Jump plan

This plan includes all of the features in the Run package, as well as a Backup Daily license. Backup Daily provides automated, daily backups to a secure offsite location.

For information about how to configure backups in Jetpack, please visit
Fly and Sell plans

These two plans include all of the features in the Run and Jump plans, as well as a Security Daily license. Security Daily helps improve site security with features such as comment form protection, automated daily malware scanning and Site Accelerator.

More Information

For more information about Jetpack, please visit and

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