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Using the Logging Features in cPanel

cPanel offers lots of configurable features to support logging on your web site. Learn how to use them with these articles.

Log Programs

By using cPanel's logging programs, you can monitor your web site, view usage statistics, and more.

Error Log

By using cPanel's error log functionality, you can monitor your web site for suspicious activity, broken links, and more.

Raw Access Log

Using cPanel's raw access log functionality, you can configure and download your web site's raw log files for your own analysis.

Latest Visitors, Bandwidth, and Resource Usage

You can use cPanel to view information about visitors to your web site, as well as bandwidth and resource usage.

Excluding an IP address from AWStats statistics

You can exclude a specific IP address from the site statistics generated by AWStats, and this article shows you how.

Resource limit information

cPanel enables you to view resource limit information about your account. You can also view snapshots of running processes and database queries to help determine what caused resource limiting for your account.