A2 Hosting's developer support guidelines

This article discusses A2 Hosting's support guidelines regarding developer-related issues.

Support guidelines for developer issues

A2 Hosting provides web hosting and server technologies that make your website as stable and fast as possible. We pride ourselves on offering developer-friendly environments that run a variety of web applications and programming environments.

However, this variety also means that there are a huge number of potential customer configurations. It is impossible for A2 Hosting to be experts in every application and technology.

Therefore, A2 Hosting does not debug specific applications, plugins, or other issues directly related to coding on your site. We can assist you to the extent our of expertise, but you may need to consult external sources or an outside developer who specializes in the technology you use.

If you find specific evidence that an A2 Hosting server configuration or hosting environment is responsible for an issue you are experiencing, please open a support ticket on the Customer Portal at https://my.a2hosting.com. In the ticket, please provide detailed instructions to reproduce the issue so our Advanced Support team can work on a resolution.

The following sections list several resources that you can use to help troubleshoot coding and application issues.

Coding resources

We have an extensive collection of articles in our Knowledge Base to assist you with common development issues. To view these articles written specifically with the developer in mind, please visit the Knowledge Base's Developer Corner.

Popular programming languages also provide their own forums and online help, such as:

Lastly, the Stack Overflow site is an excellent resource for developers. It has multiple forums that cover a wide range of programming languages and technologies. If all else fails, see if anyone else has discussed your problem on Stack Overflow.

Application resources

Our Knowledge Base has article collections devoted to the most commonly used web applications:

The quickest and easiest way to find relevant help in the Knowledge Base is to simply search for the terms you are interested in, such as “WordPress blank pages” or “PrestaShop caching”.

Each of these web applications also provides additional online resources:

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