Does A2 Hosting support HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is the next version of HTTP, the network protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP/2 is based on Google's SPDY protocol, which is designed to improve web performance and security.

The following A2 Hosting account types currently support HTTP/2:

  • Turbo Boost and Turbo Max Web Hosting accounts.
  • Turbo Reseller hosting accounts.
  • Core VPS and Core Dedicated Servers.
  • Managed VPS and managed Dedicated Servers.
    Some older servers may not have an HTTP/2-enabled web server version installed. To check whether or not your managed VPS or managed Dedicated server supports HTTP/2, please open a support ticket on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at
  • Unmanaged servers with Apache and mod_http2 installed.
  • Unmanaged servers with LiteSpeed web server version 5 or later installed.
    For information about how to install LiteSpeed on an unmanaged server, please see this article.

Additionally, HTTP/2 has the following requirements:

  • Connections must use SSL. Although the HTTP/2 specification does not require encryption, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox only use HTTP/2 over an encrypted connection.
  • Your visitors' web browsers must support HTTP/2. For example, Internet Explorer 6 does not support HTTP/2. For more information about HTTP/2 support in web browsers, please visit

More Information

To view the official site for the HTTP/2 project, please visit

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