How to securely monitor e-mail using MailChannels

A2 Hosting uses an email relay service called MailChannels. MailChannels provides outbound mailbox filtration for A2 Hosting’s Shared, Reseller, Turbo, and Managed WordPress customers. Long story short, this service identifies any spammers, improves email reputation, and ensures reliable email delivery. MailChannels ensures you will stay one step ahead of spammers.

MailChannels relays messages while flagging spammers on a network. This helps preserve everyone’s reputation while helping to ensure that all messages are more likely to reach the intended recipients. This solution can also shut down compromised accounts and scripts to improve security.

The MailChannels advantage

MailChannels was designed to relieve the time, cost, and frustration of safeguarding against blacklisting and harmful spam. Spammers work with cybercriminals to exploit weaknesses in email accounts and use them to send waves of email messages which could be anything from simple marketing to criminal phishing scams and even hidden malware. Such emails coming from your company could have devastating consequences. Being able to filter every outgoing email is a huge step in stopping cybercriminals from taking advantage of an email account and soiling your reputation.

How MailChannels works

Hackers and spammers are always coming up with new tricks, so MailChannels identifies spam by monitoring outgoing mail with complex algorithms and learning AI to identify spam-like tendencies in applications and user accounts. MailChannel’s outbound filtering detects and automatically blocks emails from compromised email accounts, hacked servers, and exploited WordPress plugins. The software identifies the exact account and shuts it down while sending alert notifications via email messages and web APIs to take action. A compromised account can be found in a matter of seconds.

To summarize, MailChannels offers these advantages:

  • Automatically monitors email rejection and IP blacklisting.
  • Clustered mail relay means that any point of failure can quickly be replaced, ensuring no downtime in services.
  • Spam filtering can block outbound messages before they even leave a network.
  • It can automatically route around blacklisted IPs to ensure deliverability for legitimate email.
  • Identify and block spammer accounts and send alerts in seconds.
  • Implement complex policies to maximize email delivery.

A2 Hosting advantage

MailChannels is just one more advantage to having an A2 Hosting plan. If you have any questions about MailChannels, A2 Hosting’s customer support team will be more than happy to assist you. The support team can assist via LiveChat, by submitting a support ticket, or by phone.

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