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How To Fix Blank PrestaShop Pages

This article discusses what to do when PrestaShop displays a blank page. This problem is also sometimes referred to as the "white screen of death."


When you try to view a page on a PrestaShop site, a blank page appears. This problem may occur on only one page, several pages, or the entire site. Additionally, you may be unable to log in.


Blank pages appearing on PrestaShop sites are frequently caused by a malfunctioning module or theme. The easiest way to troubleshoot blank pages is to enable PrestaShop's error reporting feature. When error reporting is enabled, you see any error messages that occur while PrestaShop is running.

For information about how to enable error reporting for your PrestaShop version, please see this article.

When you finish investigating the problem, make sure you disable error reporting again. Leaving error reporting enabled is a potential security risk.