SSL/TLS certificate validity periods

This article discusses validity periods for SSL/TLS certificates on shared, reseller, and Turbo Web hosting servers.

Per evolving industry standards, SSL/TLS certificates cannot be issued for longer than 13 months (397 days). Therefore, cPanel now automatically removes any certificates that are more than 13 months (397 days) beyond their issuance date, and replaces them with a Sectigo SSL certificate.

Because most SSL certificates are issued for a year at a time, this 13-month period normally does not cause a problem. If you have a certificate with an expiration date beyond the 13-month period however, your site may experience problems. For example, Cloudflare origin certificates expire after 15 years by default.

To prevent cPanel from automatically removing a certificate, please make sure certificates are issued with a maximum validity period of 13 months (397 days). Additionally, to prevent possible disruption to your site, make sure you renew your certificates in a timely manner.

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