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When you want Microblogging Hosting, you don't want your community to deal with slow service. Choose A2 Hosting where you'll be hosted on our high performance SwiftServers. You can even host on our Turbo Servers featuring page loads up to 20X fasterthan competing services.

Do you have any Microblog Web Hosting questions? Just ask our 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support! They can tell you all about our hosting solutions including how you can 1-click setup Microblog softwareon your account including Storytlr and PageCookery.

It all comes hosted on our ultra-reliable serversbacked by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment. Get started now completely risk free with our Money-Back Guarantee.

What Is Microblog Software?

A microblog is very similar to a regular blog. The primary difference is the content found on a microblog tends to be more much shorter in length. Each of these individual snippets of content are called a micropost. Twitter (posts limited to 140 characters) and the status update feature of Facebook are two examples of the most popular Microblog services currently available. Short sentences, video links and images are commonly exchanged among users on a microblog network. Most microblog software solutions allow their users to also post content through a variety of alternative methods aside from the software interface. Some of these methods include email, instant messaging and text messages.

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